Friday, August 22, 2014

Older Books, New Titles

Just received in the mail new copies of 3 of my earlier books.

The originals were titled Monster Files, The NASA Conspiracies, and The Real Men in Black. They were published by New Page Books.

However, the new editions are published by Rosen Publishing and the new titles are True Stories of Real Life Monsters, True Stories of Space Exploration Conspiracies, and True Stories of the Real Men in Black.
I mention this because if you see them on Amazon (they are already on the site), you may think they are new books. They're not.

The only differences are (a) the publisher; (b) the title; (c) the cover design; and (d) the new ones are hardback, whereas the originals were paperback.

They've done a good job with them!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Contacting the Dead of Roswell....

My latest Mysterious Universe article focuses on what was - without any doubt whatsoever - one of the weirdest weeks of my entire life.

It was a week that revolved around nothing less than attempts to contact the souls of the dead entities found at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and which culminated in a midnight seance in town!

All of it was filmed for a TV show that, somewhat mysteriously, never aired.

Here's the link...

PS: the photo above is from the actual seance itself...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Alien Contact in Puerto Rico?

Media Memorandum
For immediate release
For info:
Joshua P. Warren
Director, Bermuda Triangle Base

"Arecibo Project" Researchers Make Contact with ET in Puerto Rico?

Boqueron, Puerto Rico (August 18, 2014) -- An independent group of researchers in Puerto Rico believe they possibly made contact with "beings from elsewhere" last Friday, August 15, 2014, 37th anniversary of the mysterious "WOW! Signal" captured by SETI.

The "Arecibo Project," led by Joshua P. Warren, Director of the Bermuda Triangle Research Base, spent the day transmitting radio messages into outer space from Arecibo, Lajas, and other parts of the island, asking ET to appear around certain GPS coordinates as a live webcam streamed footage of the general location.

A variety of anomalies were captured on camera, including a "saucer-shaped object" that appeared then shot straight up into the sky, accompanied by a strange, high-pitched tone.

Warren's team compared that tone to the famed WOW! Signal, and say it is so similar they think the UFO possibly sent this signal to them as a sign of successful communication.

"We believe the UFO may have sent us the same type of signal that came from space, and was recorded by SETI, 37 years ago. This was a complete surprise. Though it was picked up via a webcam microphone, and not a broad dish like SETI had, our analysis thus far has shown it is essentially a demodulated signal from the WOW! transmission turned into audio."

The message sent into space, an invitation for contact, was recorded by George Noory, host of "Coast to Coast AM" the largest overnight radio program in North America.

Live footage was being analyzed in Washington DC at the studio of filmmaker C. Eric Scott, while audio was being processed at a lab in North Carolina. The researchers are asking for others with expertise to analyze the UFO images and compare the audio themselves. Data is freely posted at:

When asked for his opinion of what the "beings" may be, Warren said:

"After my 7 years of research here, the accumulating evidence suggests we may be dealing with a new form of life in Puerto Rico. Sometimes huge, and sometimes small drones, I believe these beings could be a highly-advanced, extremely sleek and efficient organic/electronic hybrid. They have probably evolved much longer than humans, and are now capable of inter-stellar and inter-dimensional travel, seeming to pop in and out of our visible dimensions almost instantly. Hundreds of years of native lore, combined with our modern research, indicate they might be sensitive to human thought, often engaging in contact when a highly-focused human, or group of humans, telepathically projects a desire to interact with them. We don't know their ultimate agenda, but if it were detrimental to humans, we'd likely have been harmed by now."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Chupacabra: My Views

Back in late 2005, I traveled to Puerto Rico for a week with Paul Kimball (of Red Star Films). The purpose was to make a documentary titled Fields of Fear - which was on the subject of animal mutilations/cattle mutilations.

Paul has uploaded  to YouTube an interview that he did with me while we were on the island. Here it is, below. Time has flow, hard to believe it was almost a decade ago!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cryptozoology Fiction

I picked this up for $1.50 the other day at a used book store: a 1981 collection of cryptozoology fiction that covers such things as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, sea serpents and much more. It's pretty good!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

UFO Books: Old Titles Re-Released

I received in the mail a couple of days ago the latest review-batch of book releases from Andy Colvin that his New Saucerian Books company has published. 

I have said it before here at my blog, that if you are into old UFO-themed books from the 1950s/1960s etc, then NSB is definitely a company to support, since they are doing a great job of bringing out decades-old originals in new editions.

The new titles are reprints of Howard Menger's From Outer Space to You; Flying Ships, Humanoids, and Creatures of the Subterranean World; Jim Moseley's Book of Saucer News; Gray Barker's Book of Adamski; Woody Derenberger's Visitors from Lanulos; Alvin Moore's Mystery of the Skymen; and Michael X's Secrets of the Saucer People. There's also Robert R. Lyman's Forbidden Land: Strange Events in the Black Forest, Vol. 1; and Amazing Indeed: Strange Events in the Black Forest, Vol. 2.

The Mothman Festival and British Monsters

I'll be speaking at the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia on the weekend of Sept 20-21. 

The subject of my lecture: Mothman-style creatures in the UK, such as the Owlman, the creepy critter that turned up in Kent, England back in the '60s, the flying man of England's Cannock Chase, and much more...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Volumes of Paranormal Excellence!

Liz Randall (who writes under the name of Kithra) is a good friend of mine who lives in Cornwall, England. 

She has a collection of her writings out right now, which is contained in 2 volumes and that I wrote the forewords for. 

They are very cool books that cover a wide range of mysteries, including sightings of "big cats' in the UK, mythology, folklore, ghostly black dogs, sea serpents, and much more...

Their titles are From Lyonesse to Alien Big Cats and Back Again (Vols. 1 & 2).

Here's where you can buy the first volume, and click here for the second.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ralph E. Fash

In case you haven't checked the "Comments" section of my previous post on four old books I stumbled on a couple of days ago......

Thanks to Loren Coleman for finding that what I thought was Daniel Fry's The White Sands Incident book signed to "Ralph & Fash" is actually Ralph E. Fash.

Fash was an engineer from Fort Worth, Texas who died in 2009 at the ripe old age of 95, as you'll from this link

It sounds like he was a very interesting guy.

Old Books And An Interesting Discovery...

I found a few cool, old titles at a local, used bookstore the other day: a first edition of Arthur Constance's The Inexplicable Sky, from 1956; a copy of Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffery's The Bermuda Triangle booklet from 1973; Alvin Moore's Mystery of the Skymen, (published by Gray Barker's Saucerian Press in 1979); and an old copy of Daniel Fry's The White Sands Incident
I got all 4 for a total of $15. On top of that, in the back of the Constance book there were loads of old newspaper clippings tucked away, all on weirdness. 
Plus: the Fry book was actually signed by the man himself!
It looks like the Fry book is signed to "Ralph and Fash," whoever they may be!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Creature of the Month: One Eye

My latest Creature of the Month article at New Page Books' blog is on the little-known saga of "One Eye," the alleged monster of Lake Granbury, situated just a short journey from where I live.

You can find the article here, and here's how it begins:

"Every year, in the city of Dallas, Texas (which is just a short drive from my Arlington home) I do a series of lectures on the subject of cryptozoology, otherwise known as the study of unknown animals. They are lectures organized by one of the local school-districts for kids aged from about 7 to 9.
"Of course, they love hearing about such things as Bigfoot, Nessie, the Chupacabra, and the Yeti. And they love to pick my brains with a mass of questions!
"But, it’s not just the kids that find the lectures intriguing. Occasionally, a parent or several will come along, to see what’s going on. And, sometimes, they will even share a story of the notable and intriguing kind..."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An African Monster

There's a new Mysterious Universe article from me, which begins...

"Within the ancient folklore and mythology of the people of the Gambia, West Africa, there exist stories of a terrifying creature known as the Kikiyaon.

"It may justifiably be said that the beast was an African equivalent of other such legendary, monstrous entities of times long gone, such as gargoyles and harpies, in the sense that the Kikiyaon was a humanoid-style beast with the ability to soar the skies."

Here's where you'll find it...

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Saucerian Press: New UFO Titles

If, like me, you find the earlier years of Ufology to be far more interesting than those of today, then you'll want to get your hands on the latest from Andy Colvin's New Saucerian Press.

Andy (the author, of course, of The Mothman's Photographer series of books) is doing a great job of re-publishing old, flying saucer-themed books. And, right now, there are three new additions.

The first is Secrets of the Saucer People: Flying Saucer Revelations, written by "Michael X."

Andy says of this book (his words in bold):

New Saucerian is proud to issue a high-quality facsimile of one of the classics of 1950s West Coast saucering, Secrets of the Saucer People: Flying Saucer Revelations. This special 2014 reprint features wonderful period cover art by Bill Randall.

Written in 1957, this is an "educational and inspirational course of study" dealing with "interplanetary" craft such as flying saucers. It was especially written and intended for "New Age Individuals" everywhere.

The following five lessons are included in this special study:

1. The Saucer People on Earth

2. Flying Saucers at Giant Rock, California

3. Secretes of the Saucer People

4. The Magic of Ether Ships

5. Discs, Destiny, and You

As the introduction to the book makes clear, this work is based on "scientific" findings, ufological data accumulated by numerous researchers, intensive personal investigation, and "mystical revelation" by the author, the enigmatic and reclusive "Michael X."

Some say Michael X still lives, due to an agreement he made with the space beings, who have allowed him to live longer on Earth, as their emissary. If this is true, then we should thank the spacemen for keeping the words of this mystic sage alive, for new generations to hear and interpret.

The second book that Andy has republished is Mysteries of the Skymen, by Alvin E. Moore

And, again, here are Andy's words about the book (in bold, again, too):

Of all the UFO experts, Commander Alvin E. Moore sported one of the most impressive backgrounds. His skill in engineering and other sciences, and his expertise in history, law, and intelligence work uniquely qualified him to present and evaluate the mass of ufological data presented in this book.

Educated at the U.S. Naval Academy, The American University, and the George Washington School of Law, he holds B.S. and M.A. degrees. He is a retired line officer of the U.S. Navy, has specialized in aeronautical engineering, and was patent engineer and attorney for the Wernher Von Braun team of space scientists at Huntsville, Alabama. Moore has been granted more than 50 U.S. patents on his inventions - mostly on aircraft, marine craft, and automobiles.

Due to his basic nature and long governmental service, Commander Moore has a strong sense of duty. After 25 years of UFO observation and research, he was spurred by his obligation to his family, his nation, and to mankind, to publish this book.


The third of the new releases from New Saucerian Press is John C. Sherwood's Flying Saucers Are Watching You.

Once again, over to Andy...

Is it just "swamp gas," or are flying saucers indeed watching you?

Written in 1967, Flying Saucers Are Watching You is one of the rarest of Gray Barker's Saucerian publications, chronicling the legendary 1966 Michigan UFO sightings - on the spot, as they occurred.

This book is a collection of news clippings, eyewitness drawings and interviews, photographs, and personal recollections of a young engineering student, John C. Sherwood, who was there - in Michigan - when it all happened. Sherwood kept an extensive scrapbook, conducted his own investigations, and shared his results with Barker. (Later, he would work with Barker on other articles - using the pseudonym "Richard Pratt" - that would rock ufology with their intellectual and scientific complexity.)

Literally hundreds of civilians, college students, law enforcement personnel, and military personnel witnessed almost nightly sightings of strange lights and craft in and around Dexter, Michigan for three weeks in March of 1966. It became a national news story at time, along with a similar flap that was occurring simultaneously in the Ohio Valley (which preceded the mysterious "Mothman" sightings).

This 2014 reprint edition, with an introduction by Gray Barker, is a remarkable overview of one of the landmark UFO flaps. It also shares interesting insights into issues surrounding journalistic freedom, government secrecy, and the metaphysical nature of reality. A rare must-have for serious UFO researchers.

Reviewing "Lifeforce"

That's the subject of my new Mysterious Universe article...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Zombie Book...


There's a zombie outbreak here in Arlington, Texas!

Well...kind of...

Copies of my new book The Zombie Book: The Encyclopedia of the Living Dead (co-written with Brad Steiger) have just arrived.

It's an A-Z style book that covers the "Z word" in TV, movies, novels, history, folklore, mythology, voodoo, viruses, and even zombie-themed government conspiracies. 

And at nearly 400 pages, it also makes a good, heavy weapon for whacking the brains out of the invading undead...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

UFOs & Bigfoot: This Weekend

This just in from Stan Gordon , author of the excellent book, Silent Invasion (which, if you don't already have it, you really should!):

UFO and Bigfoot Conference at This Weekend’s Kecksburg , PA UFO Festival

The 9th annual Kecksburg Old Fashion & UFO Festival is going to take place from July 25-27, 2014, with many special events planned for the weekend. The event commemorates the crash landing of a mysterious object that fell from the sky into a wooded area near the community of Kecksburg during the late afternoon of December 9, 1965. The military that arrived in the area that day reportedly recovered the object and transported it to an Air Force base in Ohio. What the object was still remains a mystery.

The weekend festival is a great family event that has many unique ongoing features and great food. On Friday, starting at 6 PM, there will be half price night in the kitchen serving burgers, fries, and hot dogs. Inside the social hall will be a Craft Show and jewelry vendors as well as the Kecksburg V.F.D. UFO gift shop. On the outside there will be food Booths, Boy Scouts, apple dumplings, wood carving, and DJ Music.

Saturday, July 26: Open 11 AM to 11 PM.  Inside the social hall with the craft show and other venders will be displays with UFO, Bigfoot, and Paranormal researchers and groups. Some of those scheduled to attend include Stan Gordon- UFO researcher & author, Eric Altman-PA Bigfoot Society, Brian & Terrie Seech-Center For Unexplained Events, Fred Saluga-W. VA MUFON State Director, John Ventre-PA MUFON State Director, Ryan Cavalline and Dave Rupert-Legend Hunters and Cheryl Alsippi- ALKO PSI-paranormal research group.

The parade starts at 2 PM, followed by the bucket brigade, hay bale toss, and the bed race at 4 PM. The famous Smoke In the Valley Burn Out contest is at 6 PM. Entertainment will be provided by Agway Shop Lifters Band. The evening will commence with a fireworks display. Prizes awarded for Best UFO Entry, Best UFO Costume, Best UFO Pet Costume, and Best UFO motorcycle.

Sunday, July 27: Open 10 AM, music all day. Memorial Dedication and 75th Anniversary. UFO, Bigfoot, Paranormal display continues inside the social hall with other venders. Out of this world UFO hot dog eat off at 1 PM.

The annual UFO & Bigfoot Conference will be held from 1:30 to 5 PM. The conference is free, but a donation to the V.F.D. is appreciated at the door. Scheduled to speak are Stan Gordon-“An Update on recent UFO, Bigfoot, and other mysterious encounters reported from Westmoreland County and Pennsylvania.”  Eric Altman-"Westmoreland and Fayette County Bigfoot Encounters", John Ventre-“The Case for UFOs”, and Brian Seech-“Strange Cryptids of the Ohio River Valley.”

There will also be car cruise 10 AM- 5 PM (Dash Plaques to first 100) and a kids pedal power tractor pull at 3 PM for  3 to 10 years olds. There will also be music by the Katrina Lynn Band. The Social Hall venders and research display will stay open until 6 PM.

The Kecksburg V.F.D. fairgrounds is located at the intersection of Claypike & Route 982, at 5128 Water Street Kecksburg PA. For information call: 724-423-9540

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Women in Black...

Forget the Men in Black. What about the Women in Black?

That's the focus of my latest Mysterious Universe article (and of a forthcoming book from me on this very topic...).