Friday, July 18, 2014

The Women in Black...

Forget the Men in Black. What about the Women in Black?

That's the focus of my latest Mysterious Universe article (and of a forthcoming book from me on this very topic...).

UFOs, Project Pandora, MJ12

This is very interesting...

Over at the Department of Defense's website you can find a document that has been declassified via the Freedom of Information Act on the subject of Project Pandora (which, in part, was focused on how microwaves can affect the mind and nervous-system).

It's a fascinating file that dates back to the 1960s.

It's a lengthy file, too: it runs to 469 pages.

But, here's the weird thing...

If you scroll down to page 449, you'll see that it contains a copy of the controversial "MJ12/Eisenhower Briefing Document" on the Roswell affair of 1947!

Of course, as most people within Ufology know, the document is one that has been the subject of much debate regarding its authenticity or otherwise.

Indeed, the copy of the EBD in the Pandora file has a hand-written note on it stating that, "This cannot be authenticated as an official DoD document."

Well, that's fair enough, and something that most people within Ufology would agree with - it has not been authenticated.

But, here's the issue: what is a copy of the EBD doing in a DoD file on Project Pandora...?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roswell, Dead Aliens, John Denver...

A strange combination, to be sure.

You can find out what it's all about in my latest Mysterious Universe article...

The Zombie Book...

Although the official release date is not until September, it's already available as of this week at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 450 pages on walking, running, infected and biting corpses: The Zombie Book: The Encyclopedia of the Living Dead, which is a co-written book from me and Brad Steiger.

And here's the background on the book, from the publisher, Visible Ink Press:

"Rampaging, driven, killing machines. Soulless and dead. Infected and infectious. Zombies. The epidemic of the living dead is stronger than ever in today’s pop-culture, but long before exotic viruses, biological warfare, and sinister military experiments brought the dead back to life in our cinemas and on our television screens, there were the dark spells and incantations of the ancient Egyptians, the Sumerians, and the Babylonians. Blending the historical with the modern, the biographical with the literary, the plants and animals with bacteria and viruses, the mythological with the horrifying true tales, The Zombie Book: The Encyclopedia of the Living Dead is a comprehensive resource to understanding, combating, and avoiding zombies.

"More than 250 entries cover everything from hit television shows, books, and movies, including The Walking Dead, World War Z and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, to zombies’ ignominious role in folklore and mythology, such as the Greek god Asclepius, ancient Voodoo religion, and the Native American Wendigo legend. The Zombie Book: The Encyclopedia of the Living Dead examines mad cow disease, the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, the Centers for Disease Control preparing for the end of the world, and much, much more."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Had A Visitor...

 There's something outside the window...and yes it does look creepy!

UFOs Over Texas

That's the subject of my new Mysterious Universe article: UFO encounters in the Lone Star State, including the Stephenville affair of 2008, the Aurora "UFO Crash" of 1897, the "Lubbock Lights," and much more...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Roswell Rumbles On

Well, the strange saga of the "Roswell Slides" continues to develop over at The UFO Iconoclast(s) blog. Here's the latest news from Rich Reynolds:

Post one;

Post two;

And post three.

Who knows where things will go from here...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Morris Jessup & UFOs

My latest Mysterious Universe article is a study of the infamous "Varo Edition" of Morris Jessup's book The Case for the UFO, which is now available in a brand new edition, as you'll see in the article.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Case For The UFO - Reprinted

I'll have a new article on this online in a day or two, but for those who follow the "Philadelphia Experiment," you'll be interested to know that Andy Colvin's New Saucerian Books has just republished the infamous annotated version of Morris Jessup's 1955 book, The Case for the UFO.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Strange Mutants of the 21st Century

And another new, great release from Andy Colvin's New Saucerian Books, and a total must-buy for fans of Mothman and John Keel: Strange Mutants of the Twenty-First Century. And here's Andy with all the info:

John A. Keel is considered by many to have been a significant influence within ufology and Forteana. He died on July 3, 2009 in New York City, at the age of 79. At the height of his career, he was interviewed by luminaries such as David Letterman, Johnny Carson, and Merv Griffin.

"The Mothman Prophecies," perhaps Keel's most famous book, was an account of his investigation into sightings in West Virginia of a huge, winged creature called the "Mothman."

"Strange Mutants of the Twenty-First Century" contains Keel's very first ruminations on Mothman, as well as a variety of strange reports on black "demon" dogs, phantom cats, Bigfoot and other North American giants, flying humanoids, flying saucers, flying snakes, and even stranger mutants that Keel believed reside with us on Earth.

This book was originally printed in very small quantities over 30 years ago, and became extremely rare and expensive. Finally, it has been available to the general public.

"Strange Mutants" is a classic read that provides an entertaining glimpse into John Keel's bizarre world of the unknown. This 2014 reprint edition features cover art by David Sankey, an introduction by Keel, several illustrations, and a chart of all the early Mothman sightings. This is a book that belongs on the shelf of every Keel fan.

Visitors From Lanulos - Back In Print

Andy Colvin's New Saucerian Books is doing an excellent job of providing us with new editions of old UFO-themed books. One of the latest is Visitors from Lanulos, by Woody Derenberger, and which was originally published in 1971.  For fans of Mothman, the strange saga of Indrid Cold, and the work of John Keel, this is a book not to be missed!

Here - below - is the info from NSB on this new title:

New Saucerian Press proudly presents the "lost" ufological classic, "Visitors From Lanulos!" Initially published in 1971, this book became perhaps the rarest "contactee" book ever. Prior to its 2014 reissue, there were only a half-dozen copies remaining in the world's library system, with the rest trading for thousands of dollars each.

Woodrow Derenberger, the author of the book, claimed to have had a series of strange adventures beginning on November 2nd, 1966. While driving home from Parkersburg, West Virginia to his suburban home in Mineral Wells, he suddenly found the highway blocked by a large gray object. Someone emerged from the object and walked to the passenger side window of his car. The man introduced himself as "a searcher," and offered words of comfort to Derenberger.

After noting that he would come again, the "spaceman," who called himself "Indrid Cold," stepped back into the object and it rose out of sight. Derenberger went home and told his story to his wife. He then called the police and the press. Soon after, other witnesses came forward to say that they, too, had seen Cold talking to Derenberger by the side of the road. (In time, several locals would have their own encounters with Cold.)

Two days later while driving in his car, Derenberger began to receive telepathic communications from Cold, who described himself as from the "galaxy of Ganymede." Cold also supplied some information about his life, including the observation that people on his planet (Lanulos) lived to be 125 to 175 of our Earth years.

Over the next weeks, other stories would accumulate that substantiated other parts of Derenberger's story, including independent UFO sightings on November 4th. An initial investigation concluded that Derenberger was not a fraud or hoaxer, and was mentally and psychologically sound.

Throughout this period, Derenberger's direct contacts with Indrid Cold continued. He learned much about Cold's people and their desire for friendly contact. In 1967, Cold took Derenberger for a ride in his spaceship. Strangely, they visited the oilfields of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Cold's lush, jungle planet, which was populated by beautiful humanoids wearing no clothes.

Derenberger told his story frequently over the next few years, and his story was given extended treatment by Fortean researcher John A. Keel.

Through the 1980s, Derenberger assumed a low profile, though he continued to correspond with a small group of people who believed his accounts. In fact, he forwarded many letters from Cold to these fans. (Cold actually lived in a house in Midway, West Virginia before moving to Cleveland in the 1980s.)

In the years since, other evidence has been discovered pointing to Cold's possible intelligence connections, and the fact that he may have actually piloted an early aerial drone designed by the U.S. military.

Was there an underground flying saucer manufacturing plant near Woody's home, perhaps in Point Pleasant, home of the "Mothman?" Were Cold and his associates trying to bamboozle locals into thinking the military drones were from outer space? Or were they really interdimensional "Men in Black" or "spacemen?" Check out this fascinating read for clues both astounding and confounding.

This indispensable special edition of "Visitors From Lanulos" features introductions by John A. Keel and Taunia Derenberger-Bowman (Woody's daughter), an epilogue by the publisher, Andy Colvin, and a special addendum from Gray Barker. It also sports a beautiful and playful cover by British artist David Sankey.

About My Books

Over the past week or so, a couple of dozen people have asked me about three forthcoming books from me, which are advertised on Amazon as being published in August.

They are actually new editions (and published by a different company) of 3 of my older books, The Real Men in Black, The NASA Conspiracies, and Monster Files.

So, aside from the name changes and the cover images, they are exactly the same books.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Museum of the Weird...

It's time for an absolutely, totally, 100 percent shameless plug. A couple of days ago, while at the Austin, Texas-based Museum of the Weird, I picked up this t-shirt. If you are ever in Austin, check out the MOTW, you won't regret it!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

On The Road

A few photos from my travels of the past week, to Illinois, Austin, and San Antonio: hanging out with good friends Ken Gerhard and Jen Devillier, and also with MUFON legend Walt Andrus, authors Rosemary Ellen Guiley and April Slaughter, and Steve Busti, of the Austin-based Museum of the Weird.

 Me and a chick who has seen better days
 April Slaughter
 Me and April
 Rosemary Ellen Guiley
 Rosemary and me
 Good friends Ken Gerhard and Jen Devillier
 Me with MUFON's Walt Andrus
 Steve Busti, at his Austin, Texas-based Museum of the Weird
 Cool part of Austin's 6th Street

Monsters Below...

A very cool new article from Brent Swancer, on the subject of the strange creatures that lurk deep below us...

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 24: A Deadly Day For Ufologists

Loren Coleman has an excellent new article on the more than a few deaths in the UFO field that have occurred on June 24. It's the date on which (in 1947) our lord and master, Kenneth Arnold, had his famous and controversial encounter that ushered in the modern era of Ufology. It's also a subject which I discuss in my latest book, Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Convenient Monster

My new Mysterious Universe article is a review of a certain episode of the old 1960s TV series, The Saint (starring Roger Moore).

The episode in question is titled The Convenient Monster and focuses on a spate of mysterious deaths attributed to none other than the Loch Ness Monster...

Lone Star Saucers

Also received yesterday, Nate Riddle's book, Lone Star Saucers: Searching for UFOs in Texas, a book I was interviewed for. Nate has a cool writing style and the book is filled with fascinating Texas-based saucer lore.